Finding the right location for your film project is crucial to its success. Black Umbrella Studio in Huntsville, Alabama, offers a fully equipped film production studio that meets all your needs.

Complete Production Facilities

Our studio comes with a hair and makeup station, wardrobe dressing areas, and a coffee area, ensuring that your cast and crew are well taken care of. The spacious layout and customizable sets make it easy to create the perfect scenes for your film.

Expert Set Designers

Our expert set designers can build custom production sets to your specifications, allowing you to bring any vision to life. Whether you need a specific film set for a movie scene, music video, or commercial, we can create the perfect environment for your project.

Affordable and Flexible Rental Options

With a $100 studio rental deposit and flexible rescheduling options, our studio is an affordable and convenient choice for filmmakers. We also accommodate bookings with up to 3-5 people, with additional guests welcome for a small fee.