After Hour Calendar

Photographers & Videographers

$600 Special

8 Hour Rental

Must have your own photographer & videographer or can be request one at a fee.

This calendar is exclusively for studio rental (Photo & Video)

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common inquiries?

A: The time paid for starts and ends exactly at the time you reserved. Your access to the studio will begin at the time paid for and will end at the conclusion of your reserved time.

A: You can access the studio starting at the time you have paid for. Please plan to arrive and begin your session at your reserved time.

A: You are responsible for any time used outside of the time booked. If you run over the time you have booked, the price for each additional hour will be the standard hourly rate for that studio/space.

A: No, if a session ends early, the booking will not be discounted to the time used. The full amount for the reserved time is still required.

A: After hours and Sunday bookings are permitted depending on availability and scheduling. There is an additional after-hours fee added to all appointments taken during these times, and the rate will depend on the length and type of booking. Please contact us to request these types of bookings.

Photography and videography sessions require full payment in advance. * Events require a non-refundable 50% deposit upon booking, with the remaining balance due 24 hours before the event day.