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Joining Black Umbrella Studio’s Creator Membership is a breeze. For just $100 annual fee, unlock a world of creative possibilities with no long contract commitments. The $25 monthly fee ensures you continue to enjoy uninterrupted access, with the freedom to cancel any time. Plus, our membership comes with exclusive in-studio support to assist you every step of the way.  

Need guidance or technical assistance? We’ve got you covered. Additionally, benefit from our educational support resources, including workshops and masterclasses, designed to nurture your skills and inspire your creativity. Connect with like-minded creators in our community and participate in knowledge sharing sessions to exchange insights and ideas.

At Black Umbrella Studio, we’re more than just a space—we’re a thriving hub of creativity where your vision comes to life. Join us today and let’s create something extraordinary together.

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Modeling Agent
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Executive Producer
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Creators Membership Form


$100 Annual Application Fee

Membership is designed to empower you on your creative journey.


Monthly Subscription $25

No long contracts and the flexibility to cancel any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Membership Answers

You can book, video photos for your clients. Membership is not suitable for Events, Workshops, or Podcasts.

Membership is limited to 5 people per booking including the photographer, assistance, makeup artist etc.. all additional person is $10.

We do have some studio stools and  chairs at no extra cost. They are shared between the stages. Please ask the front desk or one of the associates for a stool and kindly bring it back when you are done so others can use it. You can request a stool when you make your reservation.

Of course we do! Our crew consists of some very versatile and talented people. Please inquire about our assistants & photographers’ rates and availability at (Blackumbrellaagency or check our


Studio Package


Yes we do, but If you need continuous lighting for video, you are more than welcome to bring your own lighting or grip gear. Please contact us for the amperage information for your reserved session.

Yes, you can! Please keep in mind the amperage might be limited for hot or video lights, and in some very limited cases for continuous lights or large strobe setups in the stage that you are shooting (and extra fee for hot light will be added to your final invoice). For details please email us at (blackumbrellaagency, or call us.

Yes, we do have grip equipment available. Please request it while making/confirming your reservation or simply request it upon arrival or when needed only.

Apple boxes ( Coming soon )

Yes, we do! We have 9′ Green, Thunder Grey and Black seamless paper backdrops already set up. We install them for you for no extra charge. The installation of the first extra color backdrop is free. All other installations are only $10/roll. Every foot of damage of any backdrop is only $6 (from the edge till where we have to cut off). Paper backdrop rolls are also available for purchase. Please Request your custom color in advance ( at least 72 Hours), as we may not have it in stock”

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